Is It Possible to Go to Work After a Breakup?

Is It Possible to Go to Work After a Breakup?

We continue to explore the topic of why “folk” methods of “falling out” do not help. A well-known method to get rid of mental pain is to completely shift your attention from your personal life to another sphere. For example: go completely into work, go on vacation, hang out with friends. So why doesn’t this method often work?

In some cases, when the attachment was not very strong, it can help! But if a person is prone to “hooking up” and addictions, such a trick will not work! Moreover, there will be neither the strength nor the desire to go out. And the work can become a drag.

The most unpleasant things will start in the evenings and at night. If during the day the work will somehow capture the attention, in the evening and at night a person will be completely absorbed in grief and anxiety. It is virtually impossible to get distracted by anything!

It happens that some other difficult circumstances may capture the attention. For example, a small child. But that doesn’t always help either. If the one who quit was the only source of joy and emotional investment no other internal supports remain!

You can see for yourself how much you can shift your attention to something else. And how much it helps. If it doesn’t help much, then the addiction is taking over and you need to use special methods. Folk methods will not help.

There is one more disadvantage of this method. It is spontaneous. That is, if your attention is captured by something, then it is good. But it is as if it does not depend on you. Unfortunately, we have little control over our attention. Although it is a very important tool with which you can change your state! But it takes skill. Alas, when you’re emotionally bad, it’s hard to develop a skill on your own!

But that’s not a sentence! Rather it is an incentive to start studying how the psyche works and methods of managing one’s state! I never tire of repeating that this is the key to your release! :))

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