How to Get Rid of Aggression Towards Your Ex-Partner?

How to Get Rid of Aggression Towards Your Ex-Partner?

After parting with a partner (especially if they left you), a person goes through a stage in which there is great anger at the former partner. There comes a desire for revenge, to get even, to hurt. In short, the inner tyrant is awakened, anger and aggression are awakened. How to get rid of these destructive feelings?

It is quite easy to work with anger and aggression. To discharge these negative experiences, any physical activity with stress allows you to do so. You can get very angry at your ex and start doing push-ups, or go outside and run fast, start chopping firewood. It is important to let go of your anger and put all the anger into the physical action. Let the anger out until you are completely tired and exhausted.

There is one more good method: “Growl”. Imagine yourself as a big and strong animal. For example, a monkey. Imagine the offender in front of you, clench your fists, grind your teeth, and start growling with all your might at the animal. Put all your anger and pain into that growl. Growl until you are completely exhausted.

It is important to be careful with the vocal cords. In order not to ruin them, you can growl not in a voice, but as if with force exhaling air from yourself. Do as many runs as it takes. As long as the memory of the ex won’t arouse any more aggression.

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