Don’t Do It if You’ve Been Abandoned

Don’t Do It if You’ve Been Abandoned

Breaking up with a beloved partner is a hard ordeal. Recovering yourself, healing your soul from a deep wound is a whole story! It is very important not to make mistakes and not to aggravate your difficult condition. Otherwise, the process of healing from a soul wound can take many years. So, what should you categorically not do?

Try to stop drinking alcohol. It sounds trivial, like an appeal for a sober lifestyle. But you can’t imagine how many people have become alcoholics after quitting! If there is a predisposition to alcoholism, even a small one, then in a moment of great mental pain there is too great a chance of becoming an alcoholic (alcoholic)! Alcohol shatters and destroys the nervous system. There is plenty of medical evidence for this. And the mental pain is already a great strain on the nervous system! It is a double blow. 

Temporary relief is replaced by an even more oppressive state.

Do not read negative comments and articles on the Internet about relationships and the opposite sex. At the moment of mental pain, the person is most vulnerable and easily indoctrinated. You will be drawn like a magnet to read all kinds of crap. About what men or women are bad, vicious. That you need to be cynical, that you need to be used just like they did to you. And you will absorb all these harmful attitudes like a sponge. Rest assured, in the future all this informational filth will affect your future relationships. You will not like what will be your personal life and the partner next to you! And like most men and women who, unfortunately, have collected all this dirt, you will not understand what to do with it. After all, everyone lives like that. Life is so impenetrable! Actually, life is different. And there is a huge bright part of it. Do not close it from yourself forever information dump!

You shouldn’t discuss your situation with your friends or relatives and ask for advice. Your family or friends are not experts in psychology (most of the time). Many cannot get their own personal life together. And they will even be pleased that they are not the only ones who are suffering. Therefore, as in the previous paragraph, it will all come down to negative talk or bad advice. Of course, communication is an important part of a person’s life! Especially when we are talking about close people. Naturally you will have a great desire to communicate. Try to choose positive topics for your conversations. Good memories, happy news, descriptions of something beautiful, inspiring and interesting. This is what you need to translate and hold the focus of your attention to!

It’s definitely not a good idea to analyze the situation. Draw any conclusions. All the more reason to take drastic actions under the pressure of emotions! When strong negative emotions and mental pain overwhelm a person, he or she cannot see the situation soberly. The ability to draw true, unbiased conclusions is lost. Everything around is seen through the gray cloudy prism of mental suffering. It is this suffering that makes one do things that one can later bitterly regret! Therefore, it is very important to deal with your state of mind, and not to analyze the situation, trying to win someone back or take revenge.

By following these simple tips you will be able to avoid a sharp deterioration in an already difficult situation. If you have any questions, write to me personally.

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Monica Cross

I have several hundred happy couples to my credit. For many years I have been practicing and helping couples. Or singles, but who have problems with love affairs. Over my career, I've picked up some tough issues. I'll write about them here. All names have been changed and all stories and issues are published with permission (where appropriate).

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