Bitter Resentment

Bitter Resentment

Did you know that if you take great offense at a person, that person becomes your master? He will keep you firmly on a leash and take away your strength!

Now that is some unexpected news! If you didn’t know, read this article carefully. After all, resentment is one of the main feelings that keeps you from falling out of love.

The greatest insidiousness of resentment is that it consists not of one feeling, but of a whole complex of experiences.

The first thing resentment consists of is unreasonable expectations. I did something for someone else, expecting certain things in return. But he, the bastard, didn’t give me what I wanted in return!

I invested my energy in the man, as one invests money with interest. But instead of interest, I lost everything! Now I want to be compensated.

Instead of understanding that it is a losing venture, I begin to fight with the person. I try to force out love for myself, a good attitude, care … But I only lose time and energy.

And I need to accept the fact that no one will ever get my time and energy back! And move on. Otherwise I would lose even more time and effort!

The second thing that holds a grudge is the feeling that I have not been treated fairly.
I try my best to restore justice. After all, I don’t deserve the way I was treated!

If you look deeply into any situation, you can see that injustice does not exist. There is a lack of knowledge, personal errors, a lack of skills.

For example: a person did not know that when black clouds appear in the sky, it will rain. This person is going to have fun in nature. He leaves for the woods, and then it rains! All wet and angry, he returns home. Unfair!

But there are natural phenomena in the form of rain. Rain exists regardless of anyone’s wishes. A person can understand that if clouds appear in the sky, it will rain. Finally, learn how to use the weather forecast. There is no injustice; there is a lack of experience and knowledge.

In the same way, the other person wants or doesn’t want to do something for us for many reasons. There is no injustice here. Another thing is that we may be wrong about other people’s desires. But then the cause is in us. Injustice has nothing to do with it!

In that case we can only accept the fact that we are wrong.

Then there is the desire for vengeance. Karma will catch up! The boomerang will return!

If such thoughts arise, one must remember – the boomerang has already hit you on the head for your lack of knowledge. Do not tempt fate in the form of negative messages to others.

You should sort yourself out, make the right conclusions. I emphasize – the right conclusions!

But as long as there is a grudge there will be no valid conclusions!

What are you going to do about the resentment?

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Monica Cross

I have several hundred happy couples to my credit. For many years I have been practicing and helping couples. Or singles, but who have problems with love affairs. Over my career, I've picked up some tough issues. I'll write about them here. All names have been changed and all stories and issues are published with permission (where appropriate).

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